Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dragon Age

Dragon Age is a high fantasy role-playingvideo game series created by BioWare. The first game, Dragon Age: Origins, was released in 2009. Dragon Age II, a sequel to Origins, was released in March 2011. Dragon Age: Inquisition was released in November 2014. The series' fantasy setting has also been used by a variety of other media, including books and tabletop games, and the three main games have been joined by a variety ofdownloadable content (DLC) add-ons.

Dragon Age LegendsEdit

Dragon Age Legends is a strategy RPG developed by EA for the Facebook Platform.Dragon Age Legends gives players their experience of the Free Marches, the setting ofDragon Age IIDragon Age Legends gameplay will unlock items within Dragon Age II. The game features character customization and an upgrade system that isn't similar to the real game.[1]

Dragon Age JourneysEdit

A three-episode Flash game spin-off by EA 2D is under development, entitled Dragon Age Journeys. The first chapter of the game, The Deep Roads was released for free. Players can unlock achievements in the game, which will unlock unique items in Dragon Age: Origins. The second and third chapters are purchase-only.[2]

Heroes of Dragon AgeEdit

In August 2013, EA announced an upcoming game for mobile devices, Heroes of Dragon Age. The game is free-to-play, and is battle-based, featuring digital 3D figurines of characters from the Dragon Age universe. Rather than introducing new lore, the game will be based on "what if?" scenarios drawn from plotlines in the existing games. The game is expected to be available for iOS andAndroid.[3]
On October 8, 2013, EA soft-launched Heroes of Dragon Age on Google Play in Canada.[4]

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