From sprawling open-world opuses like Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3, to small indie darlings like Undertale and Rocket League, 2015 contained no shortage of excellent titles to keep gamers busy. We ended last year fighting over our Top 50 list, and it's time to share the results.
The latest issue of Game Informer contains our full Top 50 list, but today we're giving you a peek at the award winners, including our picks for the best platform exclusives, genre standouts, multiplayer experiences, and much more. So let's get to it!
Best PlayStation Exclusive: BloodborneThe punishing trials and tribulations of the Demon/Dark Souls series made From Software a household name for gamers who love (and occasionally hate) a good challenge. Bloodborne builds on From Software's demanding formula with faster action, evolving weapons, and a cornucopia of horrific Lovecraftian mutations. From Software won't be abandoning its dark fantasy roots anytime soon, but Bloodborne proves the developer is right at home in the horror genre as well.
Best Xbox Exclusive: Rise of the Tomb RaiderMicrosoft's exclusivity over Lara Croft may not last forever, but it provided Xbox owners with its best adventure of the year. Rise of the Tomb Raider improves on nearly every aspect of 2013's already excellent reboot, with a larger world to explore and more varied combat. Even better, the sequel placed a greater focus on the titular tombs, making the desecration of archaeological sites fun again.
Best Wii U Exclusive: Super Mario MakerGamers have been dreaming about the prospect of a Super Mario Bros. level creator for decades, but who thought Nintendo would actually listen? Not only did the developer give players a LittleBigPlanet-like set of tools to create their own challenges, they're actually simple enough that anyone can use them. The Nintendo-created content included in the game is fun, but the real treasure is the nearly infinite amount of user-created levels just waiting to be played.
Best PC Exclusive: UndertaleWe saw a number of games developed by one-man teams in 2015, but Undertale takes the cake. The retro-infused RPG charmed us with its old-school nods, but the novel combat mechanics and surprising player choices rise above the nostalgia. Throw in some hidden battles and secret twists that change your understanding of the game, and you have a must-play experience – and our pick for the best PC exclusive.  
Best Handheld Exclusive: Monster Hunter 4 UltimateHunting down and defeating gargantuan monsters just never gets old. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate makes it easier than ever for would-be adventurers to get in on the fun, without sacrificing the wealth of combat and depth that the series is known for. Despite being on a handheld system, the addictive progression loop will keep you on the couch for dozens and dozens of hours.
Best Mobile Exclusive: The Room ThreeThe Room helped popularize the "room-escape" puzzle genre in 2013, and Fireproof Games has been enhancing the formula ever since. The third entry in the series introduces interconnected puzzles, which give more meaning to the collection of unique and creative brain teasers. Even if you do escape, the multiple endings will have you coming back for more.